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MM12PPF1 - 12" VINYL   + WAV DOWNLOAD4 tracks

MM12DJV1 - 4 X 12" VINYL   + WAV DOWNLOAD16 tracks

12MMBTF1 - 12" VINYL   + WAV DOWNLOAD4 tracks

MM12ARK1 - 12" VINYL   + WAV DOWNLOAD4 tracks

The Complete Jelly Artwork Series Bundle

For those yet to pick up any of the 4 pieces.

Immerse yourself in rave culture both audia and visually with the Complete Jelly Artwork Series Bundle, exclusively available at Music Mondays. This limited-edition bundle brings together all four electrifying parts of the Jelly Artwork series, capturing the essence of Hardcore, Jungle, Breakbeat Rave Music from past, present, and future.

Each part of this series is a testament to the evolution of rave culture, blending nostalgic beats with modern innovation. From Arkyn's authentic homage to 1993, the groundbreaking return of Billy Daniel Bunter & Rob Vanden's 'Bang The Future', The seminal sounds of DJ Vibes and the final piece taking you into the future of "Rave Music" courtesy of Billy Daniel Bunter, Sanxion, Dwarde & Arkyn. Every release in the series offers a unique sonic journey.

With the purchase of the Complete Jelly Artwork Series Bundle, you not only receive all four parts of the series but also an exclusive bonus: a free poster featuring the full Jelly artwork. This stunning poster showcases the intricate artwork that adorns the covers of each release, providing a visual masterpiece of the final art.

Don't miss your chance to own this collector's edition bundle and experience the magic of the Jelly Artwork series.

Bundle Includes:

Part 1: Arkyn
Part 2: Bang The Future
Part 3: DJ Vibes
Part 4: Collaboration between Billy Daniel Bunter, DJ Vibes, Dwarde, and Arkyn
Plus, receive a FREE poster featuring the full Jelly artwork with your purchase of the Complete Jelly Artwork Series Bundle.

Experience the evolution of rave culture with the Complete Jelly Artwork Series Bundle, only at Music Mondays. Limited quantities available, so secure yours today!