If you are a Music Mondays regular you have most probably been raving in the late 80’s early 90’s (some still raving at events to date). Bought some of our CD’s & vinyl to relive those memories.  You might have even purchased our book, The Love Dove Generation.


The Love Dove Generation is being made into a film.

The film will centre around the 1st half of the book which was set in the heady days of the scene. With all Bunters tales of growing up around dodge pots, colorful characters and the wonderful world of rave.  The film will recreate iconic venues like Labrynth and The Sanctuary, with a back drop of original music, fashion, pirate radio, media outcry, Thatcher trying to spoil our fun. And of course, the magical Love Dove.

 Here is how you can get involved.

We have partnered with an experienced film company who are looking for investors on the project, from small to large investments. The project is eis authorised which means it comes with various tax relief incentives plus a chance to get close to the film making experience. Enjoy set visit days where you will meet the cast, an opportunity to feature as extras and a red-carpet premier ahead of the film’s release.

So if you would like to be a part of film history and help us re-create this wonderful era please click the link for more information. Sign up and register your name, email and number. One of the team will then contact you.